The Five Conklin Roofing Systems

Warranty 20 Badge 01
Conklin 7Black
Single ply Conklin

Spray Foam Testimonial

We applied foam and coating to the roof of the Playtex facility in Delaware two decades ago. At that time, I figured that the roof would last about 12-15 years. But 20 years later, the roof was still problem-free and going strong – it was just in need of a re~coat to renew the warranty!” – Sheldon S., Delaware

Metal Restoration Testimonial

“We live in an area where the temperatures range from 25 below zero to 100°, so the roof has a lot of weather-related movement and stress. The MR System sealed our leaks, stopped the rust and keeps our students and staff dry. As a bonus, we’ve seen an increase in energy efficiency, and are now spending less to cool the building. We are going to have more of our buildings restored with the MR System.” – Keith M., School Superintendent